Wednesday, May 20, 2015

♥ Things I've Been Loving ♥

 photo grsfefr.jpg
Tsum Tsums! These recently went on sale in the Disney store, & I had to get some! I bought myself Marie, Miss Bunny & Lady, & my lovely boyfriend got me Bambi, Thumper & Dumbo. They are only £3 each, which I thought was reasonable. They do bigger sizes, but I liked the minis the best, plus they had the most variation! They are so cute!
 photo rgewfre.jpg
The Body Shop! I honestly hadn't been in here since I was about 11 or so, when I used to go shopping with school friends and they would drag me in here. I saw a few youtube videos reviewing some of the things they had in there recently, so I thought I'd take a look. Of course, I completely forgot what I was searching for when I got in there, so I just looked at the things that looked most appealing. I picked up the grapefruit body scrub, & the strawberry body sorbet. Both smell delicious, especially the sorbet, which also has the most gorgeous texture & leaves my skin feeling really soft.
I then looked up online what I had wanted to get, which was the bouncy sleeping mask, so I placed an order on the site too. I also got another sorbet, the mango scented one, because I love the strawberry one so much! They have an offer at the minute to get up to 30% off, & a free gift when you spend over £10, the code is on their site, which I used, & got the Satsuma body polish pictured. I didn't realise it would be full size, so I was rather impressed when it arrived!
 photo arar.jpg
Fresh flowers! I got sent these lovely roses recently by Debenhams Flower Delivery service, & they smelled so nice! I am terrible at flower arranging though, & couldn't get them to look half as nice as in the picture, but they still brightened up the room considerably! Normally I buy myself cheaper flowers from grocery stores like tulips or daffodils, so it was such a treat to have a proper bouquet. They looked even nicer when the freesias bloomed fully, but I didn't get a picture of that, sadly. If you'd like to get 25% off a bouquet, you can use the code DFBLOG25!
 photo sefewfrw.jpg  photo reyerayer.jpg
Walter! Like I said in my last post I went away to Wales a week or so ago, so I got to spend lots of time with this lovely monster. I didn't take any outfit posts up there like I said I would, the weather was pretty terrible, but I still had a nice time.
 photo fewfraw.jpg
Presents! Carl & I came home a week before my family, & they brought back this cute little figurine for me, how sweet of them!
 ♥ Georgina

Sunday, April 26, 2015

♥ Strawberry Sky ♥

 photo dhrtyerd.jpg  photo SGSEGES.jpg
 photo dgsges.jpg  photo dfghdrgse.jpg  photo dgsgwa.jpg  photo fzgszdg.jpg  photo rghdfhfgh.jpg  photo gsfesfw.jpg
Blogging more often is not going well, as you probably can tell. Anyway, here's an outfit from the other day. Spring is officially here, so cotton dresses & sandals it is! I'm going away next week with the family & boyfriend to North Wales, so will hopefully get a chance to take photos more often up there. Hope you are all well,
Georgina xx

Saturday, February 07, 2015

♥ Pink & Purple ♥

 photo erywetweat.jpg  photo xafefew.jpg
 photo gegwefrw.jpg  photo efqrfqrwqe.jpg  photo aefrqwrqw.jpg
Uhhh, so my new year's resolution was to blog more, somehow it's February & this is my first post of the year. Sorry! Anyway, it was my birthday on Thursday, & my boyfriend took me pottery painting, & we also had time to take outfit shots. This is what I wore, a handmade Lolita-esque dress with fabric I designed myself, along with a yellow pointelle knit cardigan & pink bag.
 photo afwqfqw.jpg  photo hrtwaet.jpg
I also wore my "new" coat over the rest of the outfit, because it is still freezing! It was snowing a bit in the morning before we left, so I wanted to be warm. I've  had this coat since around September, but haven't shown it here before, but if you follow my instagram you may have seen it. I love it, it's so cute & cosy! It's the Sarah Jane coat by Hell Bunny, I'm wearing the 3x.
 photo gwaetaewt.jpg  photo etwerwer.jpg  photo ewrqwrqw.jpg
This is what we painted - I redid my latest illustration on a little heart shaped pot, & covered the rest of the pot in multi-coloured spots, with my name on the bottom. My boyfriend did a funny little superhero figurine. Now we just have to wait a week for them to be glazed in the kiln, & then we shall have lovely shiny pieces!
 photo retqerqrwr.jpg  photo efrweqw.jpg

Oh, in other exciting news, my floral deer headband was feature in Mollie Makes magazine issue 50, which came out yesterday. I haven't yet had a chance to get a copy, but I believe my piece is on page 89, & you can learn how to make a slightly simpler version of one of my headbands if you are craftily inclined!
 ♥ Georgina

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

♥ Top 3 Outfits of 2014 ♥

Decided to only do a top 3 this year, rather than 5, seeing how few outfits I've managed to document! New Years resolution will certainly be to start blogging again more frequently! Hope you've all had a wonderful year, & have fun tonight! See you next year!
♥ Georgina

Sunday, December 28, 2014

♥ Christmas Fur & Velvet ♥

 photo gsgtsw.jpg
 photo thdyreyer.jpg  photo rtwtwhy.jpg  photo hystgse.jpg  photo ftututru.jpg  photo yseyserty.jpg  photo drysetewt.jpg  photo hujuryh.jpg
Couldn't miss a Christmas OOTD, now could I? I wore a handmade velvet dress (which was a pita to sew, and I probably will never wear again because it is sewn so badly!), gold sequin shoes and my trusty black velvet bow. On top I wore my new fur coat which I got on sale from ASOS. It runs big, so I was able to fit into straight sizes for a change!
I had a lovely Christmas, how about you? I spent the day with my family, doing the usual stuff, eating lovely food, playing classic games and opening presents. I got totally spoilt, again, with a new camera lens and lots of shiny Disney DVDs from the boyfriend, a stand for my record player from my Mum & her partner & chocolate from my sister.
 photo dryewtwe.jpg
We played bagatelle, & chinese checkers, which are a few of my favourite games to play at Christmas. I won at chinese checkers, & Charlotte came first in bagatelle, both times we played.
 photo jdtjdtruhd.jpg
You can kinda see my tattoo in this pic, which I got a few months ago, done by Keely Rutherford!
 photo jureyery.jpg
My wonderful photographer, looking cunning in the hat I made him :) Does anyone recognise it?
Anyway, I shall probably post again soon with some of the other handmade gifts I made for people, and also my usual top 5 outfits of the year post. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
Georgina x
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