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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

♥ Things I've Been Loving ♥

 photo grsfefr.jpg
Tsum Tsums! These recently went on sale in the Disney store, & I had to get some! I bought myself Marie, Miss Bunny & Lady, & my lovely boyfriend got me Bambi, Thumper & Dumbo. They are only £3 each, which I thought was reasonable. They do bigger sizes, but I liked the minis the best, plus they had the most variation! They are so cute!
 photo rgewfre.jpg
The Body Shop! I honestly hadn't been in here since I was about 11 or so, when I used to go shopping with school friends and they would drag me in here. I saw a few youtube videos reviewing some of the things they had in there recently, so I thought I'd take a look. Of course, I completely forgot what I was searching for when I got in there, so I just looked at the things that looked most appealing. I picked up the grapefruit body scrub, & the strawberry body sorbet. Both smell delicious, especially the sorbet, which also has the most gorgeous texture & leaves my skin feeling really soft.
I then looked up online what I had wanted to get, which was the bouncy sleeping mask, so I placed an order on the site too. I also got another sorbet, the mango scented one, because I love the strawberry one so much! They have an offer at the minute to get up to 30% off, & a free gift when you spend over £10, the code is on their site, which I used, & got the Satsuma body polish pictured. I didn't realise it would be full size, so I was rather impressed when it arrived!
 photo arar.jpg
Fresh flowers! I got sent these lovely roses recently by Debenhams Flower Delivery service, & they smelled so nice! I am terrible at flower arranging though, & couldn't get them to look half as nice as in the picture, but they still brightened up the room considerably! Normally I buy myself cheaper flowers from grocery stores like tulips or daffodils, so it was such a treat to have a proper bouquet. They looked even nicer when the freesias bloomed fully, but I didn't get a picture of that, sadly. If you'd like to get 25% off a bouquet, you can use the code DFBLOG25!
 photo sefewfrw.jpg  photo reyerayer.jpg
Walter! Like I said in my last post I went away to Wales a week or so ago, so I got to spend lots of time with this lovely monster. I didn't take any outfit posts up there like I said I would, the weather was pretty terrible, but I still had a nice time.
 photo fewfraw.jpg
Presents! Carl & I came home a week before my family, & they brought back this cute little figurine for me, how sweet of them!
 ♥ Georgina

Friday, May 24, 2013

♥ Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush Review ♥

I posted briefly about this blush a couple posts ago, & said I was going to a review. So here it is :P It's the Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush by Too Faced. I bought mine from ASOS, it was £24, which isn't cheap, but I used a code for 20% off, so it ended up costing me around £19.
I tried so hard to get swatches & photograph them, but I guess beauty blogging doesn't come naturally to me, because I could not get a decent pic! I know, reviews without swatches aren't very useful, but I did try :P I think part of the reason I had trouble is that this blush is quite light, I swept the brush about 10x over it to come up with a normal amount of colour that I would wear. For comparison, my Paul & Joe blusher (which I wear most often), I usually use about 3 brush strokes worth of blush on each cheek. I do like quite a lot of blush though, so there is that...
The colour in the pan ranges from a bright-ish pink, to peach, to a slightly darker peach. All 3 colours have shimmer, the 1st & 3rd colours seem to have than the middle. The shimmer makes this blush quite glowy, which is also why I think I couldn't get good pictures of it. I normally go for pink blushes, & this one is mainly peach, which looks a bit more natural than my other colours. I wore this blush in my last outfit post, so you can kind of see it in action.

The box itself is cardboard, covered in really pretty pink & gold paper. To be honest, the packaging is a big part of why I bought it, I adore pretty packaging, & the heart shape & vintage design were hard to resist. The only downside to the cardboard packaging is that it's not handbag friendly, but I only ever take lipstick & powder out with my anyway for touch ups, so it's not a problem for me.  I don't think it will be my fave blusher, but I will certainly wear it.
Whether it's worth £24, well that depends on your opinion. If you, like me, prefer to pay more for something adorable, then it is. If you don't like spending a lot on makeup & don't care about packaging, them I'm sure you can find much better value blushers than this one.
I'm really not a beauty expert, so that's just my take on it. For a more in depth review, you should check out this one by Temptalia, who is much better at reviews than me, haha! I should probably just stick to outfit posts, but there you go.

Friday, May 17, 2013

♥ Makeup Storage ♥

I got asked a little while back about my makeup storage, & I thought it might be quite fun to show you. I don't have that much makeup (I don't think, anyway!), so most of it goes in the top 2 drawers of this vintage style tallboy. I got it from TKMaxx, it was about £70 & is 7 drawers high. It goes between one of my wardrobes & my diy-ed chest. In the other drawers are other beauty bits, including nail art stuff, hair dye stuff, deodorants etc, & hair brushes.

The top drawer is organised like this. I keep meaning to buy one of those Perspex lipstick holders, but for the moment I just have them in a little gift box. The lid of the gift box I turned upside down & store makeup tools in. Lip products that don't fit upright are stored flat, with other basics like eyeliner & mascara.

I have a couple of Paul & Joe lipsticks, two by Etude House, a few Topshop ones, one by 17, & 3 Macs. The rest of the products pictured are more like lip tinted lip balms. My faves are Chatterbox by Mac, & RD303 by Etude House (swatched here).

In the second drawers I have all my palettes, blushes & powders. Oh & my one pair of false lashes & some blotting paper by Paul & Joe. I rarely wear lashes, they make my eye sore after a while :(

These are a mix of blushes / pressed powders / highlighters. The majority of them are by Paul  Joe (can you tell they are my favourite brand yet?), & are their kitty pressed powder compact, their swirl pressed powder, also in a kitty theme box, a blush in the colour Nymph from last summer's collection, & their refillable compact, with the highlighter Secret D'or. The peacock compact is vintage, it was my Mum's, & I filled it with some loose powder. The Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush blush is my newest buy, & I plan to do a proper review soon!
After taking all the other bits out, these are my main palettes. The one that gets used the most is the Early Bird palette by Pixi, but I do like the others (Pixi Glow & an old Too Faced one)  too. I just find that because they are at the bottom of the drawer, I forget about them easily! Does anyone else do that?

These bits are either too cute to hide away, or they don't fit upright in the drawers & I don't like storing liquids on their sides. You're probably not meant to store them in daylight, but oh well! I stack them on my tins, which are by dotcomgiftshop, but I actually bought them in a Portmeiron store in North Wales.
This is also where my brushes are, in a cute vintage planter I swapped with Charlotte. I don't have many brushes, just a travel kit from Model's own, & a foundation brush, also by Model's own. I think they do the job though, & were a decent price. Apparently more expensive brushes are better, but I'm not sure I'm ready to pay £20+ on a single brush just yet!

My perfumes I store out in the daylight (gasp!) on my dressing table, on a mirror tray thing. I have four, my most recent buy is Daisy Sunshine Eau So Fresh, which is really pretty. Charlotte bought me Meow for Christmas, & I bought the Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita & the Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue by DKNY last year.

Okay, now I've realised I actually have more stuff than I think I do,  I should probably stop buying makeup, at all, haha! Hope this post wasn't overly boring, I do like rambling on!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

♥ Cute Cosmetics - Etude House & Tony Moly Reviews ♥

I've always been a fan of cute packaging, especially in cosmetics. My favourite brand for a while has been Paul & Joe, with their insanely cute designs, & decent quality products. Recently I discovered a few Korean brands, which also are super cute, with good quality products. They are Etude House, & Tony Moly. I'm sure some of you have heard of them before, as I am certainly not the first person to blog about them. Anyway, I picked up all these things over the past few months, & thought I'd share them with you all!

First up, Paul & Joe! Pictured is the limited edition pressed powder, which has a sweet cardboard pot, with a pretty puff. The actual powder is lovely, with soft swirls of shimmery colour. I haven't done a very good job in getting a picture of it though, sorry!  I won't review these fully, as there's loads on other blog, & not being an expert I'll leave it to those that are!
There's also got their face colour refill in Secret D'or, & the compact to put it in, which I use as a highlighter, and the pretty Bon Bon primer, which has really cute multicoloured bead things that crush up & become a slightly sparkly face primer. I don't mind sparkle, but all these things are shimmery/sparkly, so if you don't, then probably best to steer clear!
 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥
The rest of the things I'll be talking about are the Tony Moly/Etude House items. I will try to review these better, as they are Korean brands, it's quite hard to find many reviews of them, so I hope these might help some of you!
I got these all off eBay, via 2 sellers, Zinopark & f2plus1. Zinopark sent out the wrong item in my first order, but did send the right item out to me in the end. I then decided to try f2plus1, also because they had some different items, like the perfume bars, & had no problems with that seller. Items took around 2 weeks to arrive, in all 3 cases, so not too bad! Another member who sells them is Bello-Girl, but I haven't tried buying from her, so can't comment on service.


These adorable bunnies are by Tony Moly, & are two solid perfumes (Pom Pom Green & Coco Floral), & Pocket Bunny Facial Mist, in "Moist". The perfumes to be honest smell more like bath products than perfumes, but the packages are so adorable I don't even mind!
The facial mist is just as cute, & actually very cooling for your face. it does spray out rather harshly though, rather than a fine mist, so you have to hold it quite far away from your face. I haven't tried it to set my makeup yet, but I imagine I will be using this a fair amount in summer, just to help cool me down, haha!

These are also by Tony Moly, & are the Petite Bunny Gloss Bars, & a Fruit Princess Lip Gloss. The two bunnies are more like tinted lipbalms, they smell amazing! I chose Juicy Orange & juicy Peach, purely for the colour/faces of the bunnies, haha, but they are very nice to wear. They aren't very pigmented, but provide a subtle tint.
The Fruit Princess Gloss is a true lipgloss, with doe foot. It's a dinky little pot, there are 7 available, & I chose Apricot Princess. It's a light peachy colour, that doesn't really add much colour to my rather pigmented lips, but just a nice shine. All of these products aren't at all sticky/gritty, which is good! Just before Christmas I picked up some Liberty x Hello Kitty lip tints & they were so insanely sticky & basically unwearable, that I'm pleased to say you don't sacrifice quality for cuteness here!

Pandas! The pot of handcream is by Etude House, & the Panda's Dream makeup "eraser" is by Tony Moly. The handcream is nice, & not at all greasy, & the cute pot makes it a winner! I picked up the eraser on a whim, hoping it would live up to it's promise of erasing makeup mistakes.
I tried it out for you, on the left is my liquid eyeliner after rubbing the eraser over it. The directions say to run with the eraser (it's a bit like a lipbalm in texture), & then swab with a cotton bud to remove it, which I did & is pictured on the right. This removes all trace of product, & although you could just wet a cotton swab with makeup remover & do the same thing, I still think this will come in handy.

Next up are my Etude House Dear My Blooming lipsticks, in shades RD303 & PK003. I wish they had nicer names, but they are really lovely, so I don't mind! I picked up the orangey red (it's more red in real life!) shade first, & was so impressed I ordered the pink shortly after. I'm quite picky about lipsticks, well I just think that you tend to get what you pay for, & as these were much cheaper than my Macs I wasn't expecting much. The last cheap lipstick I bought was around the same price (£6) & is nowhere as nice/pigmented as these.

The pink is not quite as creamy/glossy as the coral shade, but still feels really nice on the lips & is lovely to wear. It does seem to settle in fine lines a bit more than the red too. The red formula is pretty much perfect, super pigmented & really creamy & comfortable to wear.
I'd definitely put these on a par with my Macs, if the red not even a little nicer. The shade choices are quite extensive too, I think there are 24 in this collection. The shade chart is pretty accurate too, so do take a look at it before you buy. I have quite dark reddy pink lips & lighter lipsticks especially don't like covering them very well, so it's nice to find a brand that does it well!

Lastly, but certainly not least, with probably the prettiest item of the bunch, another item by Etude House. It's their Princess Entoinette Heart Highlighter, which comes in a pretty pink pot, with heart shaped shimmery highlighter pieces, in slightly different shades, complete with fluffy puff. To be honest, the fluffy puff is a bit useless for highlighter application, had I got the blush it would be useable for the task, but agains, cuteness wins over, so I don't even care :P I've only swatched it on the back of my hand so far, but it's a subtle shimmery highlighter & is very pretty. Even if I never use it again, this looks so lovely just sitting there with all my other pieces!
What do you think, do you like cute makeup, or do you stick to more basic packaging with more "grown up" brands? For me, I usually buy so little makeup (the last few months have been an exception, haha!), that when I do, I like it to be a real event, & pay a little more, to get really pretty things, but still things I will use.
♥ Georgina

P.S. Thank you all so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! I really appreciate them all x

Monday, December 10, 2012

♥ Glittery Nails

Recently I was lucky enough to come second in the ASOS FashionFinder Nail Art Competition with my cupcake nails. I won 16 Barry M nail polishes, which were the entire Gelly Nail Paint collection & the entire range of Jewel Nail Glitters. Yay thank you ASOS & Barry M! I haven't tried out the Gelly ones yet, but from what I've seen/read, they are supposed to be similar to Shellac & super shiny.

I have tried out 5 of the glitters though, which I am currently wearing! Aren't they pretty? I especially like Rose Quartz (ring finger) & Pink Sapphire (middle finger). A lot of the glitters are holographic, which I like better than normal ones. I haven't got a lot of glitters in my nail polish collection & only one Barry M polish at all, so I was was super pleased to come second, even though you know I really don't need any more nail polish, if you've seen my nail polish racks haha!

Anyway. I'm currently on a no buy December, except for neccessities, with my Mum. We've agreed to pay the other £2 if we buy anything this month. I may have already had one slip up, but I really couldn't pass up this £10 velvet skirt by New Look. Still waiting for it to arrive though, hope it fits. I am a bit of a shopping addict, so even just the one order is pretty good for me, & hopefully will be able to keep up with it. Resisting ASOS codes has been difficult, haha!
♥ Georgina

Friday, August 31, 2012

♥ Kitten Nail Art

My current mani - kittens! I must admit I did not have the patience to do this to my right hand too, so they just look a bit sad it just glitter on, haha. Next time I should do them on falsies so I can have cute kittens on both hands!
♥ Georgina

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

♥ Nail Polish Storage

Ever since I got into nail art, I've collected a fair amount of polish. The problem is, where to store it? I started out with a beauty case, & moved onto a drawer as my collection grew. When I got my wall unit, I thought I could display them all nicely on there, but as you can see, I had too many & they looked cluttered. I did like the way I could see every colour though, so when I found these wall mount units, I snapped 2 up & put them on the wall. I got 2 because my collection was slightly too large for one, & this way I'll have room for more polish, haha!
I really love them, they make everything so much easier to find! Plus, now this wall looks even more like a shop, haha! What do you use to store your polish?

♥ Georgina

P.S. My shop launched it's end of summer sale today, with up to 50% off! Plus you can still get 10% off with code 10PERCENT until the 31st of August too! xx

Friday, July 20, 2012

♥ Black Sparkle Nails

Barry M - Pink Iridescent // (Ring Finger) Paul & Joe A Midsummer's Night Polish - Faerie Queen
Just thought I'd you you all my current mani, a bit darker than I usually go for, but I read somewhere that iridescent glitter shows up best on a dark base, so had to try it out for myself. It does seem to, but I think I still prefer the glitter over pastel polishes instead! What do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty Buys

L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate - Lipstick in Corail Charmant £12.50 // Shimmering Powder £22
L'Occitane Princess Cherry Collection FREE // Ultra Rich Body Cream & Eye Roll on Samples
Recently I've been a bit of a beauty addict, buying lots of things I usually wouldn't. I fell in love with the L'Occitane Shimmering powder after seeing it on Louise's blog, & thought I might as well try one of the lipsticks in the collection too. I also managed to bag myself some freebies, a mini Princess Cherry Collection, which included the hand cream, shower gel & cream.

I somehow ended up with a sample of the Pivoine Flora shower gel too, it was in the makeup bag with all the Cherry Princess things, but I'm not complaining, hehe! L'Occitane also give away 2 free samples with every order, I just picked a couple at random to try out.

The powder is lovely, & I absolutely love the bottle it comes in. It looks so cute on my dressing table. I have to admit, the packaging was up there in my reasons for buying. The lipstick is nice, a little pricey, & is more of a lip balm tint than a full on lipstick. Perhaps similar to the Revlon Lip Butters I keep reading about?
Paul & Joe A Midsummer Nights Blush in Nymph £15
I got this a little while ago, it is another beautifully packaged product from Paul & Joe. The blush itself is nice, I'm no expert, but the colour is lovely. If you don't like glitter though, I wouldn't recommend this, as it is quite sparkly.
Benefit - That Gal Primer // Bad Gal Mascara // Porefessional Balm FREE
More freebies, in this month's Glamour Magazine. £2 each really, because I wouldn't have bought More freebies, in this month's Glamour Magazine. £2 each really, because I wouldn't have bought the magazine otherwise & especially not 3 copies! The mascara is really good though. Haven't tried out the other bits yet, but Benefit as a rule is usually pretty decent.
Mac Lipstick in Please Me // Chatterbox £13.50 each

Now these I definitely didn't buy for the packaging. Mac packaging is pretty boring, I think! But they do do nice makeup, so I decided to invest in a few more lipsticks to add to my current collection of one (also Mac), excluding the L'Occitane one I just bought. They are pretty shades of pink, & look nicer on than in the tube.
 DKNY Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue £31

Lastly, perfume! I really don't own much in the way of perfumes, unless you count my Harajuku Lover ones I bought for the bottle & kinda suck, haha! I don't like buying perfume unless it has a cute/pretty bottle, but usually the scents with these aren't to my tastes. Or I'll like a perfume & it will have an ugly bottle & I won't bother buying it. For example a scent I love is Benefit's Laugh with Me Lee Lee (which my mum has a mini of, & doesn't like), but the bottles are really not nice. I do like their boxes though! I really should just buy a empty bottle that I like & decant the perfume into it.

Anyway, I finally found this one whilst browsing in Superdrug & actually liked both the scent & the bottle. It's limited edition though, which would be my luck! They also have a pink & green bottled versions, I tried so hard to like the pink, because well, it was pink, but it wasn't as nice as this one. The green was was also pretty nice though! I like my fragrances to have a sugary/fruity smell, I don't care so much for floral ones. These DKNY ones are supposed to smell like cupcakes, so suit me, don't you think?

I'll stop waffling on now,

Georgina ♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOTD - Provence Rose

Just a quick nail of the day post, with Cath Kidston inspired nails! Saw a version of these on Tumblr, & couldn't resist trying them out! They are based on this fabric. I really need to work on my roses, haha! Anyone got any tips?
Georgina ♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Speckled Egg Nails

Paul & Joe A Midsummer's Night Polish in Faerie Queen
L - R Essie Polishes : Lapiz of Luxury, Lovie Dovie, Mint Candy Apple
Wanted to show you the nail polishes I got yesterday :) I've wanted to try out Essie polishes for ages, but didn't really know where to get any! I normally pick up my nail polish from TK Maxx (so much cheaper!), but hadn't seen any Essie in my local one before. Anywaaaay, they've just been stocked in Boots & Superdrug, for £7.99 each. I didn't think that sounded too bad, when the RRP of a lot of my other polishes is about £11. Plus, they were on offer 3 for 2, so only cost £5.33 each anyway!

The other polish I picked up on a whim from ASOS, was just browsing the new in beauty section & saw this lovely Paul & Joe flakie polish. It wasn't cheap, (£10.50), but the bottle design & nail polish itself was so pretty I couldn't resist! I think it makes my nails look like (sparkly) speckled eggs! Sorry my pic isn't brilliant, it was pretty hard to get a decent one.

As for performance, I've only been wearing them a few hours, so I can't comment on lasting power yet, but the Essie brushes are probably my favourite out of all the brands I own, I could do a nail with pretty much 1 swipe! Lovely & wide, with a curved edge, instead of a flat one, so much easier to apply. Also, no mess! Normally I do end up with at least one blob of polish ending up on my skin, but I didn't have to do any cleanup with these. Plus the colours are lovely, Lovie Dovie is the perfect Barbie pink. Would definitely buy more!

The Paul & Joe one is pretty gloopy, but I suppose it has to be to suspend the glitter flakes (I've tried mixing my own glitter polishes before & the glitter always sinks to the bottom!). It is easy to apply though, although you have to kind of dab it on if you want the flakes in specific places. You'd need another coat for fuller coverage, but I definitely love it & not owning any flakie polishes, it makes a nice addition to my collection!

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