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Friday, December 27, 2013

♥ Christmas Day ♥

 photo rgsgtts.jpg  photo segtesgter.jpg
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas/other holiday. I had a great time, we went over to my Grandparents' house for lunch & then after dinner, we went out into the garden to take some photos. I wore my new jumper, which was a Christmas present from my Mum & her partner. How adorable is it, I've wanted a tacky festive jumper for ages now! 
 photo dhrdgse.jpg  photo gderg.jpg
 photo drhrsgs.jpg  photo dfhdzhes.jpg
We persuaded Charlotte to be in a pic with me, but she won't let me post it on here:( I lent her the dress I wore a few Christmases ago, there's just something so Christmassy about velvet, don't you think? She also took some photos of Carl & I together, which was nice. Normally he just gets to be my photographer, & then I sneak in a few photos of him at the end of a shoot, haha!
 photo gsegeaf.jpg
My grandparents' garden has an apple tree or two in it, & Walter was having great fun, picking up bits of apple. I managed to snap this photo of him with a bit in his mouth. All the dogs were having great fun running around the garden, we don't have one at home, so it was super nice for them.
 photo sfesf.jpg  photo DGRG.jpg  photo dgrsgt.jpg
Carl wearing the jumper & Game of Thrones pin I gave him. He gave me a My Little Pony Monopoly set, which was so cute, & Charlotte, him & I played it after we took these photos. Unfortunately Charlotte beat us both, by a mile. *grumbles*. I got to be Fluttershy though, so that was nice. He also got me the Hunger Games books, which I have been wanting to read for a while now (we watched the films together). I really got spoilt this year, I also got an amazing Cath Kidston sewing box from my Grandparents, & an adorable silver cat charm for my charm bracelet from my Mum & her partner.
 photo gtretew.jpg  photo dryretew.jpg  photo sefaefef.jpg  photo rdghdrghs.jpg  photo dgrserg.jpg
Carl & I also decorated gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve, but I'm going to make a separate post for those. I love decorating them, Charlotte & I did it a few years back with kits that my Mum bought, but this year I made the actual houses myself!
Anyway, going to end this post here, I think I've rambled on enough. Sorry for the photospam too, I don't normally include so many, I got a bit carried away!
♥ Georgina

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Monday, August 19, 2013

♥ Fuzzy Flowers ♥

 photo dyerteryer.jpg  photo rsyesyers.jpg
 photo rdgreg.jpg  photo sdgswtew.jpg  photo dhgdrgs.jpg  photo drgstwet.jpg
Well, I promised to take more pics of the cardigan I needle felted, not sure if these constitute better though - they are blurrier than I anticipated. Must have turned the f stop on the camera too low-oops! You get the idea though! Just wore a lot of older stuff, nothing new here for a change. Although the cardigan felt like new because of the flowers I added. I've been doing some more needle felting, I made some stand-alone pieces yesterday, not 3d, but still cute. I should probably take pictures to show you all.
 photo thergr.jpg  photo dfgdfghdf.jpg
The dogs were fascinated to watch me having outfit pictures taken, don't they look adorable?!
 photo ujdthydth.jpg
Button didn't want to miss his opportunity for stardom either, hehe.

Friday, March 29, 2013

♥ Fuzzy Floral ♥


Hey everyone! Sorry for being away for so long, was up in North Wales as you know, & was supposed to be back last Saturday, but the snow meant we couldn't get home till this week! Back now though, obviously. I wish I could post whilst up there, but no phone line=no internet. Somehow I only ended up taking 2 lots of outfit posts whilst I was up there, this being one of them.
To be honest, I'm rather glad to be home, the first few days were fun, but then I got a dreadful (& I mean dreadful!) toothache, & was in pain for the next week. Had to go to the doctor up there & get some tramadol, although even that hardly made a dent on the pain, just made me drowsy. Then we had the snow, although not on the peninsula, where we were, it was all across our route back to London, so we had to stay for a bit longer than planned. Hope you haven't missed me too much, haha :P

The dogs love the garden up there, it's about an acre, so lots of room for them to run around in! Sorry, Button didn't want to make an appearance for these pics, but I snapped a few good ones of Walter & Dillon!

♥ Georgina

Saturday, March 02, 2013

♥ Walter ♥

I attempted to take get outfit pics today with Charlotte, but they did not turn out well, haha! I knew we should have done them outside, but instead you can all see the only one that turned out decent, with dear little Walter ♥ in it. Charlotte added two of my bows to him for her pics, which he actually didn't mind at all, unlike Button, who also didn't want to hang around for photos! Anyway, I'll try & get a proper outfit picture done soon, hope you're having a nice weekend :)

♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday, January 25, 2013

♥ Dolls & Dogs

Hey again everyone ♥ I' haven't posted for ages (well, for me anyway). So much for updating more regularly! I just wanted to show you all a few random photos/bit & pieces. I made this doll the other day. it's based on this drawing I did a while back. I've always loved dolls, I have a fairly large collection haha, & after making those rag dolls for my cousins & the little one for my Mum, I thought I would make myself one. Vain much?, making one in my own likeness, but oh well :P
Look at my wonderfully wonky stitching! I often seem to daydream whilst sewing, & when I return to reality, I look down & of course my sewing has gone off track. Not the most recommended way to sew, to be honest :P
She has a fully pose-able tail, which was made with the help of a pipecleaner.
Photobucket Photobucket
Button also wanted to get in on my photoshoot, although he doesn't like looking directly at the camera, haha!
Here in the UK it's been snowing a lot recently, which is why I haven't had an OOTD to show you recently (hopefully will get to take one this weekend!), but the doggies rather like it! The 2 little ones weren't sure at first, as it was their first experience of snow, but I made them go out in it & they ran around like hyper maniacs. I took these pics as it was starting to snow the other day, how adorable to they all look (well actually Button looks a bit evil in his, haha!)
Photobucket Photobucket
Anyway, hopefully back tomorrow/the next day with an outfit for you all :)
♥ Georgina

Sunday, January 06, 2013

♥ Pretty Things

♥ Dolly Darling Deer Headband, Pierrot Ring & Animal Brooch
These are some of the things I recently been making for Dolly Darling, amongst others, but these are my absolute faves, so I made some extras for me too! Expect the deer headband in an outfit soon :P I've also started offering custom pet portraits, a la the ones from this post, as so many of you seemed to like them :)

I got this lovely perfume tray & bottles for Christmas, from my mum, which is perfect for holding most of my scenty things, including with the Katy Perry Purr Perfume I got from Charlotte ♥

I know I mentioned being on a 5 item shopping limit for January, but it's only the 6th & I have already spectacularly failed at it! I ended up buying this dresser from Ikea for my craft room (only £50!!), but of course at Ikea you have to buy more than one thing :P
I also bought some of those metal drawers that I've been wanting for ages after seeing them on Kate's blog, a magnetic board (they had no magnetic tins in stock though -boo!), storage boxes, drawer organisers, spice jars, which you can also see in this pic & I can't remember what else. We went on New Year's day & it was pretty much dead, so that made a change from the massive queues at the checkout!
Other things I have managed to spend money on is stuff from Topshop - a cropped blue jumper, shoes that were on sale & 2 new lipsticks. I also decided to buy a new lens for my camera, which hasn't arrived yet, but as you can imagine, £££! So yes, I think spectacularly failed does just about sum it up. Hopefully I can do better in February.

I love Hello Kitty, which you probably already know, so these nail polishes are the cutest thing! They were another gift from Charlotte. I haven't tried them yet, not sure I want to take them out of the packaging haha!

Walter will always be a pretty (grubby) thing, haha ♥ So would the other two, if they sat still for pics, grr!

Because of all the new ikea stuff, I've done some craft room reorganization & tried to make everything look cuter, like this space on top of my mini chest. I love organizing/arranging things, so whilst everyone else in my family might have a tidier/less cluttered room, at least in my cupboards & drawers everything isn't just plonked in :P Jen, a blog reader (hey!) also sent me the necklace pictured, that she made with one of my drawings, how sweet was that?

Isn't this rocking horse ring adorable? Another christmas gift from my Mum, it's so cute & quirky, very me!

Oh & I forgot this in my handmade gift post! It's a hand made handkerchief that I did for my Great Aunt. I machine sewed the actual handkerchief, & then hand embroidered it with her initial, & some flowers! I can now do french knots, yay!
What have you been up to recently?
♥ Georgina
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